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25 April 2010

haishh! this kids.

they're making me crazy.
i can't control them.
so hyperactive.
can't do anything about that.


fooled by them.
don't know what to say
but i'm so disappointed with them.

hey boy!

it's so obvious that you hate me.
if you hate me so, why don't you tell me face to face?
no need to hide
i'm an open-minded person.
tell me and t'll try to improve myself
to be a better person.
i don't want to make enemy
seriously i wanna be friend with you.

14 April 2010

happy birthday cousin!

hey peeps!
today my super duper great cousin's birthday.
happy birthday to him.
Redzuan or whatever. i'm confused with his name's spelling.
anyway, happy birthday and let's strike A+ for our SPM!
hwaiting! ^^
sorry, his picture is not clear..

03 April 2010

miss old times!

chatting with my friends at Facebook
Just Allah and I
know what i feel right now
i really missed our old times
when we being together anywhere anytime
sharing our happiness & sadness
pain & sorrow
friends, i really missed you guys
i'm hoping that we can turned back to that time
eventhough that we're far apart
i want you guys know that
i'll always remember you guys
and i hope that this friendship will never die
i love you guys.
i missed you guys.

01 April 2010

happy birthday guys! ^^

happy birthday
happy birthday!
to my friend.
muhammad ashraf bin muhammad hanifah & muaz norhan
so, is there any your friend celebrate their birthday?
tell me & please send my birthday greeting to them.

credit : mclivewire@ YT