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29 June 2010


just One WORD,
it already made my day and lit up my mood.
Thank YOU

atukk,, (:

hey guys !
i think that it's been a long time since i update,
do you miss me ? miss you too ~ hahaha.
today, form 5 students were having Seminar,
the guest is Dr. Abdol Aziz or Atuk.
Atuk ; when i saw his face, it reminds me of the guest during seminar at PKNS
and i realised that he was the same personn,
He was so funny, i love to hear he talking.
he gave us many useful tips.
Thanks atuk~!
i'm glad that he still remember me during seminar at PKNS.

25 June 2010


met him at school .
i felt weird when i'm around him,
i don't know
whether me or him are the one who acting weird
the look that he gave to me,
quite suspicious ....
idk what's wrong with him ....
i saw my friend had a conversation with him,
i really wanna know what're they talked about ,
but, i just did my work like others don't care..
i don't want to interfere other's problem.
maybe i should forget him ?

happy birthday dear ~

happy birthday to you ~
hee~ she is one of my family forum ,
Jenny Maknae , her nickname,
but i call her Jenny or Jen,
she's cute , right ?
she's the one at the left.
she's pretty ~
Dongsaeng , i hope that you have a happy life,
and good luck in your fanfic,
Happy 16th birthday , dear ~
Love you <3

24 June 2010

i'm bored.

ohh man !
so BORED~ -_____________-
oppa, dongsaeng , SARANGHAE <3
i always love you guys, :D
i hope that i can meet you guys soon, (:
i really hope that we can be more closer than before,
i'm still waiting,

21 June 2010

guess what ?

guess what ?
i went to night market with my neighbour, Aziah a.k.a Cik Zia a.ka. Jiah, :D
and i met someone that i haven't met for a long time,,
he is,,
a smart guy, brown-coloured eyes with his baby,
he was my teacher, Ustaz Nazim,
he was one of the most handsome teacher in SRAI19, hee (:
and he still handsome & gorgeous, :D
who know that i met him at there,
he asked me whether i study in UITM or not,
he must be confused between me and my sister,
i replied him, i'm in form 5 studying at SMKS 24, Shah Alam,
Ustaz live with his family at Jalan Cili Dua, hee~ which i think same address as Syazwan,,
i hold his baby, awww~ so cutee, met his wife, so beautiful ,
then , we bid our farewell ..
and he said to me to do well in my SPM,
thanks Ustaz, i'll do my best,
i told my Big Sister , fiza this story , and she said,
"you're always the one who get to meet him!"
*she's jealous, believe me* (:
i am very glad that he still recognize me as his student during Standard 4 & 6,
Ustaz, i hope that we can meet again someday,, ^^
:) So HAPPY (:

heyy -_________-

school day~
yeahhhh, it's kind of boring ,, hee~
anyway, i got ICT and History paper + my Islamic Studies paper,
It's BADD !
i had to do my best in TRIAL ,
Do pray for my SUCCESS ~
thanks guys , :D
one more thing~
really really important to you my reader,
i want to make this blog as private blog,
so, if you still want to keep reading my blog,
send email to me :
and give your email to me or just give me your email at MS, FB , TAGGED , FORMSPRING or TWITTER,
fb : Search Nurhamizah Hamzah
thanks ! ~~

20 June 2010

yeahh !


18 June 2010

hot news !

nothing actually,
i'm going back to my hometown after Maghrib
yeahhh, -___________-
school will be opened in 2 days
and my hw still not done ,,
ottoke , ottoke ?

owhh man !

i had a weird dream last night,
what happen ??
confused confused
idk what's wrong with that,
maybe a hint ?

17 June 2010


just come back from Chemistry class,
i think that my head going to explode anytime,,
and , Sorryy to Khai , Bqya , and Syed,
i'm not going, sorry again,
i really wanna go there but i don't want to be disgrateful daughter,
sorry again,
p/s ; send my regard to Pn. Jus okay ? tell her i'm sorry, :(


okay, i already read the other novel that fyza recommended to me,
it's kinda boring, hee~ sorry Fyza,
i've finished that novel in 4 hours ?
hee ~ :D

16 June 2010

the end ____

hey yo !
hee~ i already read the book that Fyza recommended to me,
it was really good yO!
*berry good yo ~!**this is what SNSD Sunny SAID :D*
i really love this story,
this is what i'm talking about,
i always want a love story like this,,
urggggghhhh ~


he made up his decision.
he already told me what his ,
but, when i saw his reply,
idk with myself, ?
i respect with his decision .
should i cry ?
should i feel happy ?
yes yes, i'm totally BLANK ,
and right now,
i'm very confused with my own feeling..

14 June 2010


this time, i think,
this will be a long long long post,
i have divided this to five part,
to make you guys not confuse with my story,
sharp on 3.30 p.m ,
i went out to my friend's house,
it's just i need to across the main road to go to her house,
oh yeah, forgot to tell you guys my friend's name,
Nur Asyikin Najihah Halimin, (i didn't have her picture, SORRY ! )
thanks yaww for inviting me to your house ,
we chatted about SAMTAJ (my ex-school , oh ! miss my friends TT.TT )
just wanna know the improvement of that school,
talked about my friends, (when i have chance to go there ? )
and then,
i read three comic (actually manga ) in 45 minutes,
great right ? haa~ sorry,
then, i bid my farewell to her,
hoping that i can spend my time more with her,
heading back to home,
yeah, from far,
i saw my neighbour & her friend, FARID,
i just entered my house and put my belonging in my room,
went out again ,
i just brought my phone with me,
i asked my neighbour, Jiah (in this picture ^^)
to sit with me and i want to chat with her ,
just the two of us.
but, she invited her other friends,
which is this trio GAY guy (jk guys, don't be mad at me okay ?)
sorry guys, taking this picture without your permission,
(that made me like a stalker , right ? ahh, whatever )
from left ; Acap, Eee (idk how to spell his name) & Farid
Act, it's just Eee & Farid that came, then Acap catch up few minutes later,
they're crazy, funny,
Jiah said ; "Hati kering, muke tatau malu "
p/s ; Don't mad, Jiah !
hurm, they always said that my face look alike as their friend,
should i tell her name ?
it's TEHA,
and, when i heard this name,
it's remind me of my friend at SAMTAJ and my adopted sis
which have the same name,
but i called them TEAH,
aishh, miss you guys badly, :(
let's go back to our story,
they always called me by that name,
please guys, call me HAMIZAH,
it's HAMIZAH, Arasso ?
there. i'm using korean language again,
ahh, whatever,
okay, i'm going to write my first impression about them,
we start from the left,
ACAP ; he's funny, yeah, friendly, (but idk what happen to him today, he become a silent person, different from
first time we met) ,, do i care ? whatever, ,, -_-
EEE ; his face familiar to me actually, now i know that he is a son of Untie Misah,
no wonder that he look familiar to me, have a baby face ? hurm , friendly, funny,
FARID ; funny, friendly, his face remind me of my senior, hee~
okay, how can i say this, they 're HANDSOME yet INSANE ! hahah,
sorry guys,
having conversation with Fyza. ,
using YM at first,
then i called her ,
she said that she had something to tell me,
we talked talked talked like others don't care.
YAHHOOO! i;'m happy because she want to lend me her NOVEL !
it's been a longg time since i read novel ,,
yeahh ! can't wait to see you and YOUR NOVELL !
hahah, i'm going to school tomorrow,
and take her novel and give her my pendrive ,,
yeah ! finally,
i've finished my Talk essay ,
it's a very good feeling,
hahah, but still,
i have many more hw to do,
coming right away !
Fyza said that i must discuss this with him together,
awww ~
idk when, hurm,
he still doesn't give any sign to me.
so, i just can wait, wait, wait, wait,
but, until WHEN ??
i had my limit too,,,
but for now,
i still can wait.

13 June 2010


went to the library with my family,
at the outside of the library,
just waved to her from far,,
went to PAS, SACC, and PKNS Complex,
my lil bro had his dream come true,
met with IPIN and UPIN,
went to McD for lunch,
then headed back to home,,
that's all ,

12 June 2010


i want them to respect me,,
i know that they're older than me,
but, please,
i know i'm young,
but it doesn't mean that you can do anything to me,
i feel sick with all of this,
crying doesn't change anything,
i know that they'll do the same thing again and again,

10 June 2010

yeah !

playing UNO with my siblings (except my younger brother)
yeah, i thought that was the longest game we played UNO,
1st round, 30 minutes we're playing and the winner is MY ELDER SISTER,
NURHAFIZAH HAMZAH *big clap for her* :D
next round, guess who won ?
yeap, IT'S totally ME !
*a big big clap for me please* :D
sorry, too excited,
it's hard to defeat my brother,
and I WON ! So happy , heee~
want to tell you guys this story because,
i want to be happy,
everyone deserve to be HAPPY, right ?

shoul i give up ?

should i give up ?
or just waiting ?
tired of waiting actually,

love story like that,,

if i can have a love story like that ,
our true love is the one who really close to us,
always gives us advise, and many more opinion about love,
someone that we assume as our brother,
always be there for us,
whenever we sad , happy or moody,
and without we notice it, our feelings grow bigger for them,
we feel lonely if we didn't hear their voice, their jokes, yeah,
i really wanna have a love story like that , but when?
when the right time,
and i'm still waiting for that time to come,,

07 June 2010

gloomy evening,

hello, :D
i went to the playground with my neighbour a.k.a my bestfriends,
NORAZIAH MOHD YAHYA or i always call her JIAH,
i kept her a company because i'm bored,
nothing to do,
so, i just went there with her.
She wanted to meet her friend, FARID,
maybe boyfriend-to-be ? ~woot woot~
hee :D
this is JIAH with FARID , ~woot woot~ hee, :D
i didn't know what to do,
so i text ANA, BQYA, my mister (aww~) and KHAI,
neither of them replied me , owh man !
then, i just sat at the swing,
and played like no other care,
JIAH asked me to sit with her,
but i don't want to,
i don't want to bother them, :D
i played again and i watched different kind of people went through the main road in front of the playground,
i missed my childhood,
went to the playground every evening,
AISHH, this memories made me cry, OH MY !
then, this one person, came to JIAH and FARID,
then JIAH asked me to sit with them, NO WAY ! hahaha,
maybe they thought that i'm an introvert, well , i don't care.
but, i'm not easily blend well with new people,
sorry my dongsaeng,
then, i just played with myself, hahah, so bored,
Suddenly, i'm shocked with this kid.
he's approached in a weird way,
HAHA, and he asked my name, i answered him,
he asked my age, i told him that i'm form 5 student,
ahaha, he doesn't believe that he's younger from me,
:D. Sorry, i'm your NOONA, not your DONGSAENG,
haha, i think he doesn't know the meaning of this word, heee~
ASK me !
oke, this picture, i only know three of them,
yeah , ACAP, the kid that asked my name earlier,
believe me, he's more handsome in real life than this picture,
hahah, i don't know his reaction after he read my post, :P
anyway, they're crazy, yeah,
it's good to have younger friends, they made me feel younger too,

05 June 2010

fresh~~ :D

feel so fresh when i woke up in the morning,
so so FRESH ! really love it,
i felt that i'm flying in the air.

up to you~!

i've said everything i want,
now it's your turn,
it's okay, take your time,
i know that maybe you were shocked with my statement,
but, i just want to let go this burden,
and i can't take it anymore,
i don't want to keep this to myself,
now, i'm relieved that i told you,
and, the decision is on your hands,
because you're not mine and i'm not yours
think carefully,
because maybe you'll regret it someday,
and, if you're ready enough,
please do tell me so that we can discuss it together,
okay ?