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14 June 2010


this time, i think,
this will be a long long long post,
i have divided this to five part,
to make you guys not confuse with my story,
sharp on 3.30 p.m ,
i went out to my friend's house,
it's just i need to across the main road to go to her house,
oh yeah, forgot to tell you guys my friend's name,
Nur Asyikin Najihah Halimin, (i didn't have her picture, SORRY ! )
thanks yaww for inviting me to your house ,
we chatted about SAMTAJ (my ex-school , oh ! miss my friends TT.TT )
just wanna know the improvement of that school,
talked about my friends, (when i have chance to go there ? )
and then,
i read three comic (actually manga ) in 45 minutes,
great right ? haa~ sorry,
then, i bid my farewell to her,
hoping that i can spend my time more with her,
heading back to home,
yeah, from far,
i saw my neighbour & her friend, FARID,
i just entered my house and put my belonging in my room,
went out again ,
i just brought my phone with me,
i asked my neighbour, Jiah (in this picture ^^)
to sit with me and i want to chat with her ,
just the two of us.
but, she invited her other friends,
which is this trio GAY guy (jk guys, don't be mad at me okay ?)
sorry guys, taking this picture without your permission,
(that made me like a stalker , right ? ahh, whatever )
from left ; Acap, Eee (idk how to spell his name) & Farid
Act, it's just Eee & Farid that came, then Acap catch up few minutes later,
they're crazy, funny,
Jiah said ; "Hati kering, muke tatau malu "
p/s ; Don't mad, Jiah !
hurm, they always said that my face look alike as their friend,
should i tell her name ?
it's TEHA,
and, when i heard this name,
it's remind me of my friend at SAMTAJ and my adopted sis
which have the same name,
but i called them TEAH,
aishh, miss you guys badly, :(
let's go back to our story,
they always called me by that name,
please guys, call me HAMIZAH,
it's HAMIZAH, Arasso ?
there. i'm using korean language again,
ahh, whatever,
okay, i'm going to write my first impression about them,
we start from the left,
ACAP ; he's funny, yeah, friendly, (but idk what happen to him today, he become a silent person, different from
first time we met) ,, do i care ? whatever, ,, -_-
EEE ; his face familiar to me actually, now i know that he is a son of Untie Misah,
no wonder that he look familiar to me, have a baby face ? hurm , friendly, funny,
FARID ; funny, friendly, his face remind me of my senior, hee~
okay, how can i say this, they 're HANDSOME yet INSANE ! hahah,
sorry guys,
having conversation with Fyza. ,
using YM at first,
then i called her ,
she said that she had something to tell me,
we talked talked talked like others don't care.
YAHHOOO! i;'m happy because she want to lend me her NOVEL !
it's been a longg time since i read novel ,,
yeahh ! can't wait to see you and YOUR NOVELL !
hahah, i'm going to school tomorrow,
and take her novel and give her my pendrive ,,
yeah ! finally,
i've finished my Talk essay ,
it's a very good feeling,
hahah, but still,
i have many more hw to do,
coming right away !
Fyza said that i must discuss this with him together,
awww ~
idk when, hurm,
he still doesn't give any sign to me.
so, i just can wait, wait, wait, wait,
but, until WHEN ??
i had my limit too,,,
but for now,
i still can wait.

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