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28 May 2010

conclusion again !

Islamic Studies
P1 : quite difficult for me because not enough time for revision
P2 : alhamdulillah, i can answer all question but i'm not very sure of my answer,,
Additional Mathematics
P1 : don't know what to say
P2 : i try my best
Sport Studies
hahaha, just answer it. this was a shocked exam.
P1 : Blank
P2 : No comment
Conclusion : Totally blank and clueless, don''t know why

27 May 2010

i will,,,

if they ask me to keep quiet,
i will,,
and i'll try not to disturb them,
i will,,,

26 May 2010

awesome wednesday!

hello guys,
hehe, just wanna tell you today's story,
today, 5tk doesn't have exam today,
so, we're having chemistry class for about 5 period,,
yahh! i think that my brain will explode anytime from now,,
one thing that i was not very very satisfied,,
is that i'm the one who get blamed for my friend's fault,
they're the ones who make noise then i'm the one who get scolded by other friend,,
bahiyah, khai, hate you! haha. kidding, poor me, but, i just don't care actually,
harris , adib , get well soon and let's do the our best in this exam.,, harris (the one who wearing coat) adib (holding the camera) then, during chemistry, so boring,,
i looked at faizul ( this guy ^) and made face at him ,,
then he made face at me too,
he's so funny. (:
pn.azlin came to the lab and said " These student have PJK exam on 12.50"
we were shocked to death, OMG! hahahaahaha.
What happened????
Ahh, we didn't know that we're going to sit for PJK exam,
we're not ready, haha.
and we just sit for that exam,
the question were very hard,
i just answer that question,

this guy ^ (amin) has made funny face to me,
this guy was so crazy,,
hahaha. (:
"i wanna tell him i love him but i can't
i really can't help it, "
aigoo. P/S : this have no relation to my story. haha.
bye guys! (:

25 May 2010

he's hurting me! ~

he's hurting me,,,
and it's really really made me really sad,,
i'm hurt and i wanna him know
that i don't want anything from him,
just a relationship that we called FRIENDSHIP,,,

24 May 2010


hello peeps! (:
just wanna show you my friend's creativity,,,
so pretty, right??
these two was made by amin, that i think he is one of the craziest classmate,,, so pretty right? hehe, he made it from wire that we used for physics experiment :D this cross-stich was made by anina, 5tk's monitor assisstant, thanks nina! this is amin ^
this is pretty nina!
she's cute right?
anyway, thank you very much!
i really love it, i'll keep this for the rest of my life!

22 May 2010

it's really him....!

okay, today i went to seminar for SPM examination.
it's really good! (:
many tips that i got from that seminar,,
and, i saw many my friends from the camp recently,,
and and and, guess what? i saw HIM! for the third time,
First, when i was in Form 3, Second, during the camp recently, and Third, during this seminar,
i thought that he was someone else, but, when i heard his name, ****** -sorry guys, can't mention his name-
i'm afraid that someone will mad if i talked about this.
i went back home and asked my brother about that and i really really thought that he was the same age as my bro,
but my bro said that he's the same age as me!
i don't believe it at first, but when i think about it, it's really really true.
IT'S REAAAAALLLY HIM! hurm, what should i do?
it's remind me of the old memories,
it's hurting me. i'm afraid to speak with him.
aishh, okay, i still got time, i'll try to speak to him.
but, i don't think i can do it.
ARRGGH! my heart is hurting,
because the last time i heard about him was he with someone else and that was my friend.
i don't know if he's alone now.

21 May 2010

the conclusion,,

hello, peeps! (: just wanna tell you guys what happened during this week's exam,
BM paper
- paper 1: i'm doing it with my not-very-well-function-brain
-paper 2 : i'm just stared at the paper blankly, quite blur, but i'm just answer all
- paper 1 : damn, i didn't have enough time! aishh! you know how frustated i was.
- paper 2 ; because of paper 1 exam, i can't concentrate on my paper 2.
MATHS paper
- paper 1 : woah! very difficult to me! yahhh!
- paper 2 : i'm forgot the formula. so, not doing well
- paper 1: SO SO DIFFICULT! who agree with me?
- paper 2: i slept during the exam, the teacher woke me up, she looks very worried. Suddenly, my eyes got teary. i don't know why. teacher, sorry for making you worried. ):

20 May 2010

hurm, whataday,,,

hey guys,
just wanna tell you guys that it's been the 3rd day of mid-exam
hurm, so many things happened.
i'm so tired..
it's okay if they doesn't want to tell me,
i'm just asking.
andd, my heart broken into pieces,
hard to explain, so sad,
seeing him like that, i think it a waste for me.
he doesn't know me too right,??
it's okay,,
cheer up HAMIZAH!
you go girl!

12 May 2010

new layout!

OH my!
i want to tell you guys that i really love it it it it it it very much!
this is a SNSD international fanport new layout!!
hella awesome!
really love this new layout!
i love this idea! (:
thank YOU for making this site more beautiful!!!


i don't want to talk much,
because i don't think that i have so many things to talk.
it's not because i don't want to talk,
i just felt that i'm not so important to need you to hear me talking,,
because my talking sometimes crazy, :P
but, if you have something to talk to me,
go on, i'll listen to you. (:

11 May 2010

what's the point of......?

someone asked me today, what's the point of me having a blog?
tell me guys, it is wrong to have a blog?
it is wrong to share joyness and happiness that i experience?
it is wrong to share what we have been through?
that is not wrong, isn't?