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22 May 2010

it's really him....!

okay, today i went to seminar for SPM examination.
it's really good! (:
many tips that i got from that seminar,,
and, i saw many my friends from the camp recently,,
and and and, guess what? i saw HIM! for the third time,
First, when i was in Form 3, Second, during the camp recently, and Third, during this seminar,
i thought that he was someone else, but, when i heard his name, ****** -sorry guys, can't mention his name-
i'm afraid that someone will mad if i talked about this.
i went back home and asked my brother about that and i really really thought that he was the same age as my bro,
but my bro said that he's the same age as me!
i don't believe it at first, but when i think about it, it's really really true.
IT'S REAAAAALLLY HIM! hurm, what should i do?
it's remind me of the old memories,
it's hurting me. i'm afraid to speak with him.
aishh, okay, i still got time, i'll try to speak to him.
but, i don't think i can do it.
ARRGGH! my heart is hurting,
because the last time i heard about him was he with someone else and that was my friend.
i don't know if he's alone now.