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26 May 2010

awesome wednesday!

hello guys,
hehe, just wanna tell you today's story,
today, 5tk doesn't have exam today,
so, we're having chemistry class for about 5 period,,
yahh! i think that my brain will explode anytime from now,,
one thing that i was not very very satisfied,,
is that i'm the one who get blamed for my friend's fault,
they're the ones who make noise then i'm the one who get scolded by other friend,,
bahiyah, khai, hate you! haha. kidding, poor me, but, i just don't care actually,
harris , adib , get well soon and let's do the our best in this exam.,, harris (the one who wearing coat) adib (holding the camera) then, during chemistry, so boring,,
i looked at faizul ( this guy ^) and made face at him ,,
then he made face at me too,
he's so funny. (:
pn.azlin came to the lab and said " These student have PJK exam on 12.50"
we were shocked to death, OMG! hahahaahaha.
What happened????
Ahh, we didn't know that we're going to sit for PJK exam,
we're not ready, haha.
and we just sit for that exam,
the question were very hard,
i just answer that question,

this guy ^ (amin) has made funny face to me,
this guy was so crazy,,
hahaha. (:
"i wanna tell him i love him but i can't
i really can't help it, "
aigoo. P/S : this have no relation to my story. haha.
bye guys! (:


  1. huhhh menyirapppppppp. haahahahha

  2. Eiii,kau nie dah suke budak gile tuu..skrg suke AMIIN??HAHAHAHA

  3. woi, sejak bile plak nieh.,

    bukan laaa,

    kan aku dah tulis yang bwh tuh takde kaitan ngan post aku ,

    nampak sangat tak reti baca,,,