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21 June 2010

guess what ?

guess what ?
i went to night market with my neighbour, Aziah a.k.a Cik Zia a.ka. Jiah, :D
and i met someone that i haven't met for a long time,,
he is,,
a smart guy, brown-coloured eyes with his baby,
he was my teacher, Ustaz Nazim,
he was one of the most handsome teacher in SRAI19, hee (:
and he still handsome & gorgeous, :D
who know that i met him at there,
he asked me whether i study in UITM or not,
he must be confused between me and my sister,
i replied him, i'm in form 5 studying at SMKS 24, Shah Alam,
Ustaz live with his family at Jalan Cili Dua, hee~ which i think same address as Syazwan,,
i hold his baby, awww~ so cutee, met his wife, so beautiful ,
then , we bid our farewell ..
and he said to me to do well in my SPM,
thanks Ustaz, i'll do my best,
i told my Big Sister , fiza this story , and she said,
"you're always the one who get to meet him!"
*she's jealous, believe me* (:
i am very glad that he still recognize me as his student during Standard 4 & 6,
Ustaz, i hope that we can meet again someday,, ^^
:) So HAPPY (:

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