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13 October 2009

what a tired day!

hello guys! i really miss to write my blog. starting from today, i will write in english! i want to improve my english. so, don't misundertood it okay! when i came back home, i saw my little sister standing outside at our house.. i asked her, "did you forgot to bring keys.??" and she just nodded her head. and we went to the phone booth and called my mum. she said that she left the keys with my neighbour but my sister said that she was not in home. so, my mum asked us to come to the school where my mum teach. so, we walked there. i felt pity to my little sister since she's fasting. so, i enter the school and met my mum. i asked my mum to send my sister home, since she's fasting right? i just walked to home. it was a sunny day! hot but i can feel the breeze of wind. when i reached home, i took a shower and perform my Zohor prayer. then, i sit in front of computer, writing this post. i feel extremely tired today. and harris, SO SORRY for not coming to your house. thanks. bye everyone. SALAM. :)