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10 November 2012

White: The Melody of Curse (Korean Movie)

Assalamualaikum :) 

Title : White : The Melody of the Curse (화이트: 저주의 멜로디)
Genre : Horror
Release date : June 9, 2011
Country : South Korea
Language : Korean
Duration : 106 min.


White: The Melody of the Curse is about a girl group named Pink Dolls who become famous after remaking a song from a strange tape they find in their studio. With the rise in popularity, the girls find themselves becoming resentful and haunted by their desire for the chance to be promoted as the lead group member. The dynamics between the girls in the group shift dramatically as one by one, they become the 'main' and are affected by a curse. However, they are so driven to obtain the lead role in the song that they become blind to the horrible effects that it brings about. As a series of unexplainable and gruesome events begins to unravel, Eun-Joo must attempt to unmask the dark origins that sparked the issue in order to save her life, before she becomes the 'main'.
It is eventually discovered that "White" was originally written by a young back-up dancer for Jang Ye-Bin who was bullied badly by Ye-Bin (in one case having her face disfigured with acid for "standing out" - Ye-Bin taunts the girl by saying "Have fun being the main now, see how far you go with a face like that!"), eventually committed suicide by drinking bleach and now returns to haunt and kill whoever sings "her" song (Ye-Bin dies in a fire, Jenny is hung in the studio after overdosing on her medicine, A-Rang's addiction to using makeup to look beautiful leaves her face scarred, and Shin-Ji is crushed beneath a camera crane).
At the climax of the film, Jenny, A-Rang and Shin-ji (having survived their initial accidents) commit suicide by drinking bleach (after being seemingly possessed by the ghost of the trainee), and Eun-joo is assaulted by the ghost of the trainee while performing "White" onstage, which results in her being trampled to death. Her manager, and her "sponsor", Mr. Choi, are also killed (severely burned by a pyrotechnic malfunction and crushed by a falling light respectively), causing a massive fire that destroys the studio. The film concludes with Soon-ye (the only survivor) at the karaoke bar, disposing of Eun-Joo's album, the trainee's suicide note and the original video tape by placing them in a trash can and setting it on fire. She believes she has finally defeated the curse, but then looks up in horror as the karaoke machine announces "Song chosen: White", implying that the curse has not been defeated and she too will be killed (she had performed vocal doubling for the song earlier, due to Jenny's being too insecure to properly hit the high notes).
Credit to ; Wikipedia

Ham Eunjung (24)
She is the main actress in this movie. Eunjoo, if i'm not mistaken . 
one of T-ara's member. 

Choi Ahra (17)
I knew her when she was featured in FT Island's "I Hope" 
I thought that she was in her 20's but it turn out that she is younger than me T.T 

Kim Maydoni (21) 
Maydoni is a singer but she's underrated. It's such a waste, because i really like her song. 
Try hear her song 'Beginning' . It's good. 
Seriously ! 

Jin Se Yeon (19)
She's so pretty! i really love to see her face. 
She's the same age as me. 
Getting the female lead in Bridal Mask and Five Finger. 
She's great! :D 

Hwang Woo Seul Hye (33)

She's pretty. i really love her acting in this movie. 
She's the one who help Eunjoo solve the mystery behind White melody. 

For me, seriously . This movie is the best horror Korean movie that i ever seen. 
It's so surprising. Full of suspens .  
i remember i watched this movie with my sister at 1 a.m and i hardly closed my eyes to sleep after that.  hahaha. 
This movie is a must! 

The pictures is not MINE! Credit goes to the RIGHTFUL OWNER :) 

 Till then, Assalamualaikum :)