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09 February 2011


Assalamualaikum . hurm , apa khabar semua?
heee, harap2 sihat la yeee. :D
hurm ,
apa yg jadi hari ni yee ?
banyak laaa.
banyak gelak je.
hari hari asyik gelak pun tak elok jugakk kannnn ?
i got a new friend from Saudi Arabia.
His name is Hanif.
hahaha. how i know him ? >.<
He just accidentally came to the shop where i working now
and asking about some branded shoes.
but my shop doesn't have the shoes.
so , we were just talking and he asked me and my workmate be his friend.
He's living in Section 19 , Shah Alam.
and what made me happy was his saying.
He said that he really love Malaysia.
waaa~ i'm proud to be Malaysian~ <3

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