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09 April 2011

full timer , quitting and part-timer.

hello hello. 
okay, talking about my job now. 

starting from 25th December 2010. 
i'm now a promoter at Hypershoe.

until one day , 
because of some circumstances, 
i've been thought of quitting. 

and, i already sent my resignation letter. 
my supervisor asked me, 
"don't you love this job?"

i've been thinking about it over and over. 
and now, i've become part-timer at there. 

it's good for me that i can save up some time for myself 
and earn my own income. 


and my off-day had been changed from friday to monday. 
so, friends if you guys want to ask me out. 
make sure it's on monday . 

that's all. bye . :) 

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