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06 April 2011

online kpop stuff :D

          Assalamualaikum :) 

hello peeps . :) 

how are you? 

i hope that you guys take care of your health ,

the earth is really sick right now.


yeahh, i'm not very well these days and i'm so lazy to update my blog :) 

okay, i just want to talk about kpop stuff that i ordered online. 

i got it! YEAYYYY~ :D 

SNSD's Baller :) 

SNSD's Balloon :D 

SNSD's Baller again XD 

i'm a huge fan of SNSD :) 

 SNSD again~ :D 

SHINee 's baller :) 

Shinee's again :D 

oh yeahhhh~ 

SMTOWN's Shirt :D 

awwww~ totally happy you knowww~ :D 


  1. sume best! but err, tak mahal ke beli online?

  2. salam..macam mane nak beli baju SMTOWN?..thanks

  3. salam..macam mane nak beli smtown shirt?,,thanks

  4. salam. saya beli online, dkt fb . cube cari nama Kpop Shop Malaysia. and try tanye . tak tau still ade lagi atau takk.