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01 July 2012

Always Kabhi Kabhi (Hindi Movies)

Assalamualaikum :) 

Title : Always Kabhi Kabhi
Genre : Romance, School
Release date : 17 June 2011
Country : India
Language : Hindi 


Always Kabhi Kabhi focuses on 4 students and their struggle through their final year at St Mark's School. First teenager, Shortcut Sam (Ali Fazal); the cool guy, who falls in love with Aishwarya(Giselli Monteiro)who is about to become a Bollywood actress. Aishwarya is a new student who befriends Sam on her first day, and the two fall in love first sight.A Shakespeare play approaches in which Aishwarya automatically gains the role of Juliet. Sam tries his level best to learn the lines of Romeo so as to impress Mrs. Das and gain the role of Romeo. He succeeds in the end. The next two friends, Tariq (Satyajeet Dubey) and Nandy(Nandini) (Zoa Morani), who love to fight and argue with each other,but do not understand that they are actually in love with each other.Nandini's parents don't spend any time with her and are always travelling. In the absence of her parents, she goes to illegal clubs and parties everyday and spends money lavishly. Tariq has the burden of getting into MIT. They realize their love for each other during Nandy's struggle to get approval of her apology after she forwards Tariq's MIT denial letter,oblivious to the fact that he had not read it himself. Sam gives a party in Hellfire but then there's a raid and he gets arrested while saving Aishwarya. The two corrupt policemen try to bag 50,000 rupees from Sam.Sam tries his best to avoid the policemen and tries to pay the policemen a little by little and aishwarya breaks up him because during the party,Nandy's toyboy offers him a drag and even though Aishwarya begged him to leave,he agreed to smoke weed because the toyboy makes fun of him and asked hiim to be a man.After she heard that Sam had sacrifised himself to save her,they make up.During Aishu's 18th birthday,Sam confesses his love for her only to be caught together by her mother and her agent renames her as Kashish for the fims and even persuades her to do a photoshoot in which she only wears a bikini.When Sam finds out that the prize money of the inter-school Shakespeare play competition is Rs.50,000(the amount he owes the policemen),he begins to put more pressure on the group to come in time for the practices.Meanwhile,Aishwarya is being offered a movie conract that she doesnt want to do.during a meeting,she rips the contract and runs to meet Sam and the others and continue their practice for the competition.Meanwhile,enraged by Aishu's absence during practice,Sam confronts he,oblivious to what she had done for him while Aishu didnt know about the money he owes the policemen and does not understand the reason of his anger and runs into the streets only to be hit by a car aand goes into coma.Aishwarya's mother confronts Sam about the accident because she believed that he was the cause of the accident and does not permit him to see her.While dropping Aishwarya's clothes,Tariq and Nandy notice Aishwarya's phone has an electronical diary in it and reads it,it shows her point of view about everyone in the group and talks about how their parents have pressureized them.So,they perform Romeo and Juliet with a different point of view,saying that Romeo and Juliet would not have dies if their parents had approved of their love and listened to them,implying that their parents should do the same.They perform a song "antenna" to convey their thoughts.
Ali Fazal (26)
Giselli Monteiro (24)
Zoa Morani (23)
Satyajeet Dubey (22)
For me , this movie is okayyy. Friendship, family, love. hehehe. btw, i'm enjoying the movie, there are some lyrics in song of this movie really reliable in this century . hikhik . anyway, enjoyyy :D 

 Till then, Assalamualaikum :)

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