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31 October 2010

important announcement!

hello hello my readers ,
this is going to be the last post for this month ,
and i will take break from blogging , facebooking , formspringing , and tweeting .
this is because i have to fulfill my promise to mum ,
i promised mum that i'll never using the computer starting November until my exam finish .
it's going to be one and half month .
my exam start on 23rd nov and finish on 15th December .
so , i want to focus more on my study .
i'm going to miss you guys .
my silent reader, my stalker , and anyone who visit my blog even my friends who always support me .
hanan unnie , ana , kak alin , adekk , faraaa .
nicole unnie , jenny , michelle , honey :D
please wish me luck for my SPM exam!
i really wanna do well and get flying colour and fulfill my dream :D
BYE BYE guys!


  1. study well :)
    all the best~~

  2. gud luck exam sis..!! give ur bes shot =DD
    strive to the fullest..!!!