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22 October 2010

trial ~

Assalamualaikum ,
hello my readers,
thanks for always visiting my blog .
just finished my trial exam ,
and the result was like =.='
hard to explain ,
it's BAD BAD BAD .
yeah , i'm grateful for what i've got .
that's my effort after all ,
so , i deserved to get that result .
seriously , i need to double my effort to get an excellent result .
but , i don't want myself to be like this .
Messy Myza ? good combination of my name but that's not definitely me .
i'm not going to be like girl in the picture .
i'm going to be sent to the hospital . :P
23rd November 2010 ,
the SPM Examination Day .
just few weeks from now .
really short .
wish me luck , everyone~
i'm so scared .
yeah , and i can't forget Allah , The One Who Create us , Human .
seriously , i want A+ for all my result
wish me luck again!

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