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16 November 2011

i'm glad that i know you.

okay , kali ni miza mahu post yg jiwang jiwang sikit (eh , geli lah kau ni miza =.=). okay okay. bukan jiwang pun. okay ye. jeng jeng jeng. pada suatu hari , pada bulan ramadhan usai solat tarawihhhhh , hahahahaha XD poyo lah kau ni miza =.= 

huhuhu. okaylah okayy . serious ehhhhh 

sebelum ni tak pernah nampak awak pun . saya tak sedar pun yang awak ada selama ni. mungkin bukan rezeki saya untuk jumpa awak. tapi , malam tu , saya nampak awak. serba hitam , huhuhuhu. 1st time nampak awak. terpaku. itu je perkataan yg boleh saya cakap. awak biasa aje. tak handsome sangat. tak comel sangat. just a typical Malay guy. but but. the words that blurted out from your mouth ; they really amazed me. 

since then, i tried to find a little info about you . you are very humble. i know you're from quite rich family , but your appearance does not describe your family background. that's what i admire about you. 

eh eh kau ni , tetibe nak speaking bagai kannn ? huhuhu. lagi better kot. hahaha. tulis dalam BM kang jadi novel sampai sebulan menulis tak henti pulak karang kannn . *selingan* hehehehe. 

and you are not the type that will not talking to girls unless it is important. that is also one point why i like about you. for me, you are the kind of perfect guy. hurm, just from my opinion. i don't know about others.i try to approach you but yeahhh , you just reply if i have important things that i have to talk. if i ask about unnecessary questions, you not giving me any responses . somehow , it really disappointed for me but i accept it because there are reason you do all that, right ? 

after you come back from that camp , i always see you, everyday i see you. i don't know why , but, seriously , i'm confuse. but , it's okayyy . i'm glad that i know you because you give me strength, you give me a  new hope for me to become the better me. you also show me the right way to love. yes, love. you showed me that love to Allah is the greatest and it made me realise that i have been neglecting my duties as a Muslim. Thank you that i know you. seriouslyy. 

thank you so much , seriously . i'm glad that i know you :) 

*terpaksa tulis dalam BI. dalam BM confirm panjang nak mampus, percayalaaaa :P *

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