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23 August 2010

just for you ~

this is Jenny Reyes .
a.k.a Jenny Maknae .
i call her Jenny dongsaeng.
she's so cute & lovely .
Jenny , please don't be weak .
you know , I will support you & always stay beside you in any situation.
sincerely , I rarely log in to SOSHIFIED , but seriously i really love your fics.
i'm kinda shocked when people accused you like that .
i hope that you can be strong , girl .
you know , it's kinda normal when two different story had same plot but different settings.
you know what i mean right ?
i think that you had made a good decision ,
but i'll miss your fics :(
i can't accept this one thing.
why is that words was so harsh ?
it's kinda rude you know,
at least she can talk in a better way you know.
i don't know but i feel the pain too .
i'm so sad when people accused my precious dongsaeng bad things.
i don't want to fight , so i just write in my blog to reduce my anger.
So Jenny , please be strong because there're people around you that care about you.
and i want you to know that I REALLY REALLY LOVE & CARE about YOU!
So , i want the old Jenny come back to me.
Cheerful , cute & happy dongsaeng.
okay ?
p/s : i miss you , you know ?

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