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07 January 2011

yeahhh! Finally... a BREAK!!!!

hello peeps !
i'm so happy ,
after 12 days working ,
finally , i got an off-day .
even just for 1 dayy .
i'm feeling happy .
just like this kid.
so many things that i want to do ,
but ,
i can't do all at one time ,
so sadddddd.
i want to continue writing my story.
but it got hang .
my brain is not functioning properly to give out ideas for my storyyy .
maybe i'm too busy with my job.
and maybe my health is one of the factor.
i feel like want to sleep for 20 hours .
i want to have a good day todayyyy .
but ,
something unpleasant happened just now ,
and i'm not so happy right now...
i hope that i can be like that kidd.
eating a big watermelonnn .
looks yummy !
what i'm writing about ?
sorry , i'm just being random .
i just write what's inside my mind.....
i bought a chinese magazine just because i want their free calendar ,
and the calendar had korean artists + some chinese artists .
so happy .
okayyy , i'm being crazy .
my feelings is so not in a normal state. hahahah.
okayyy , that's all i want to say .

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